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Graphic identity & branding.

Agency-quality freelance graphic design services

We offer engaging, visually interesting and unique graphics to form an identity. A graphic identity helps the public know who you are. Establishing a set of graphic guidelines which specify a color palette, typography, and use of images will create a graphic identity. Using graphic standards consistently throughout your marketing material (not just sticking a logo on everything) helps identify the company as an entity. See below and learn how we created graphic standard new companies, and worked within existing standards for larger established companies.


Technology Start-ups

Experience contracting with high-tech international corporations has benefited local start-ups. This knowledge carries over to small companies who want to look big.

What we worked on:

Websites, Logo Design, Brochures, Advertising, Trade Show Banners.

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graphic identity services - food service

Food Service

Working with food labeling and packaging has a unique set of standards. Find out how the company brand was graphically represented.

What we worked on:

Websites, Packaging, Menus, Labels, Posters, Trade Show Banners, Email Campaigns, Point-of-Purchase Displays, Photography, Content Writing.

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graphic identity services - healthcare


Hospitals must provide good communications and there’s often an immediacy for production. See how we worked within an established set of standards to help get the work out.

What we worked on:

Newsletters, Brochures, Posters, Advertising, Web Banners, Event Programs.


graphic identity services - engineering manufacturing


Many small manufacturing companies can’t afford an in-house marketing department. See how we created a marketing package to fit this need.

What we worked on:

Website Development and Design, Catalogs, Brochures, Advertising, Email Campaigns, Product and Location Photography

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Flying Cloud Design offers agency-quality freelance graphic design support. We meet deadlines and support world-class corporations and businesses. To the small business owner our experience helps young companies look established and important.

Many of our clients have recognized that using an experienced freelance graphic designer, with a corporate background, is cost effective, time efficient, and can improve overall graphic design production practices.

A graphic identity is the image you present.