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Start-up Marketing Kits

Your message is more than just words.

Flying Cloud Design will help visually represent your company. We recognize that great business ideas need to be marketed. In today’s economy many of us are starting our own business out of need, or just for the fun of it. We want to help you get started with a basic design package.

Graphic Design Essentials

  1. logo
  2. business card
  3. website

A bare-bones approach to a graphic identity is to create a simple set of sales tools. Starter sets usually include a logo, business card, and website. More elaborate packages may include; brochures, sales sheets, presentations, catalogs, signage or any combination. A marketing package  should be in place before contacting potential customers — but often these sales tools are needed in a rush. This is where Flying Cloud can help.

The Basic Start-up Package

1. logo


2. Business cardbiz-car-layout-lyons-labs

3. website


OVERVIEW: Lyons Labs , an engineering and product development start-up, launched it’s business with initial funding from a kickstarter campaign. We presented a look that is clean, modern, and young which would exemplify their inventive brand. Often the best planning comes from jotting notes — as the logo visually represents.

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