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Creating a web presence.

A good web designer helps.

Flying Cloud Design builds brochure-type and blogging websites using template-based WordPress. Our focus is on helping start-ups with easy to manage mobile-friendly websites – without breaking the bank. The WordPress framework enables those with a little computer savvy to manage and edit their own website.

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What we do

We build sites that are beautiful inside and out. They are designed for robots and humans alike. Searchable, crawl-able, easy to navigate and can be maintained and updated by the client (or by us, whichever you prefer). We set-up hosting for one year, install a content management system (for easy editing), apply a template, then load the content. We offer professional photography and content written for the web.

Once the site is staged and launched we pass the hosting – and any related resources – over to the client. The client gains full control over their website. We offer maintenance and support if so desired.

A Flying Cloud Design website is:

  • interesting & creative
  • easy to navigate and searchable
  • designed with a motive
  • client owned

Website Design Gallery

Semiconductor Manufacturing
Cabinet Maker
Home Building
Wellness and Health
Technology Consulting
Internet Technology
E-commerce, Logo Design
Food Service
Telecommunication Technology
Internet Technology, E-commerce
Online Store
Business Lawyer

Visit our sites:

Freebird Semiconductor — Semiconductor Manufacturing

BrewNanny — Consumer Product, eCommerce

Cars2Art — Art, Photography

Forward Bound Consulting — Personal and Relationship Coaching

Laine Jones Design —  Residential Architecture

Todd Newman Law — Law Office

Studio 6 Central  — Photography


A small training session on page editing is offered to our clients once the site is launched. We are a commercial design studio focused on supporting our clients. Our graphic design services include setting-up and delivering websites, email campaigns, printed materials and templates for speaker support presentations.