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“You have been such a great part of Revitalive and we see your how your design and work has helped our business look more professional and engaging to our customers every day! We appreciate how quickly you understand our projects and how quickly you complete and manage projects. We greatly appreciate your network of professionals that have consistently helped us over the years. We love how you have become like family to us!”
— Anna Forken, Revitalive


“Not only is Maria a talented artist, she is an amazing designer whether it be for print or web. Easy and fun to work with, amazingly responsive and knowledgeable. I would go nowhere else for any of my design needs.  THANK you for EVERYTHING.”
— Alison Miniter, Cars2Art Photography, cars2art.com


“Flying Cloud Design and Maria in particular have been amazing to work with as we were branding our company. From creative content, logo design, messaging and SEO they have been a joy to work with and are and will remain key part of our efforts going forward”
— Ray Pasquale, CEO, Unified Office


“Maria is a rare combination of left and right brain energy. She is extremely artistic, creative and intuitive and yet she also has clarity, business savvy and a meticulous sense of practicality.

Working with Maria on two websites over the last decade has been a real joy. She is fun, daring, silly, smart and focused. During the process, she inspires me to think out of my comfort zone, encourages me to be authentic and reminds me to stay focused on what I am trying to put out there.

She is truly gifted and I would (and have numerous times…) wholeheartedly encourage anyone looking for a valuable, articulate and talented resource in designing a website to get in touch with Maria as soon as possible. She is a rare catch, as she is consistently reaching for “Wow!” in a business where many who are satisfied with “OK.”. ”
— Alison Jones, ORSCC, RYT, CYKF, forwardboundconsulting.com


“Flying Cloud created my nonprofit’s website and coordinated all of our advertising materials. Maria has an extensive range of graphic and marketing skills, a particular flair for color and design, and an extraordinary talent for bringing her clients’ visions to life!”
— Marie


”Wow, your gonna make me cry. (the graphical user interface) is just beautiful.”
— A Technology Start-up


“It is truly a pleasure to work with Maria Poulos. She has helped me design two websites and two logos, and I feel immense gratitude for her talents and insights. Maria is a tremendous artist with a great eye for design in addition to being an expert technician. She also offers helpful guidance regarding marketing and business direction, offering a unique perspective as an added bonus to her services. I appreciate Maria’s down-to-earth style – cutting to the chase, and getting the job done in a timely manner.”
— Noel, moodrisingdesigns.com

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